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Ariel Fisher

Ariel Fisher is a freelance writer, editor, and podcaster from Toronto, Ontario. She has written for Toronto Film Scene, Sound on Sight (now PopOptiq), and Rue Morgue Magazine to name a few, and contributed to the BBC Culture’s 2017 poll of the 100 greatest comedies of all time. She co-hosts and produces the podcast A Frame Apart, comparing and contrasting films in obscure ways. She also co-hosts, edits, and produces After All: A Mary Tyler Moore Podcast, a cross-generational podcast exploring the social, political, and personal impact of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Most recently, she was published in Spectacular Optical’s latest book “Yuletide Terror: Christmas Horror on Film and Television.”

Recent Work

Why I’m Afraid of Owning Property

Then again, maybe my fear of owning property comes from watching my parents struggle to live together before their separation. Maybe it stems from watching them do this clumsy dance around each other in the initial days of their trial separation, attempting to keep my brother and I in the house we’d grown up in, while trying not to live together. It was an awkward time, one I vaguely remember. What I remember most about that time, however, is love. Unadulterated, unequivocal love.

Dear Andrew

Dear Andrew, I wish there was something I could say that would make everything better. I wish I could tell you there's a light at the end of the tunnel, and to just hang on a bit longer. That it will all feel better in a moment. But I know it won't. And I know you...

It’s Been a While…

A Birthday Post: A few words on why 2014 was horrible, and why 2015 will be full of hard work.

Blood Glacier Hits Theatres for Sinister Cinema!

Back in September, Marvin Kren’s The Station made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival through Midnight Madness, a programme dedicated to the dark, the twisted, and the horrific in cinema. The atmosphere is that of a community engaged and in love with...

The Matinee Cast

Late in May, host Ryan McNeil asked me to join him as his guest for the birthday episode of the Matinee Cast. This is the end result. We bantered about Raiders of the Lost Ark, Romancing the Stone, and revisited an old discussion on Indiana Jones and the Temple of...